Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Whitlock's

Well, I have to say that I picked the best and most fabulous family to participate in my first photo shoot. The Whitlocks were just amazing and so patient with me. Our goal was to get some great family shots as well as a fantastic holiday card photo for them to use. I managed to get some great photos of the girls, showing their real personalities. Enjoy!

My first blog

So.. I am finally doing it... creating a space to feature my photography.

I began a love for photography of travels with my husband. Documenting these special trips are a must. Then we had our first child and I could take enough pictures. I bought a nice SLR with the birth of our second child and wish I would have made the purchase earlier.

I love to be out and about with my camera. It is my relaxation method. I am a hobbiest, but have found this to be my "less mess" of them all. I hope you all enjoy the photos I have taken of my family as well as other families.

Documenting memories for my friends and family is so rewarding to me.