Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chandra and Jon's engagement

So we started off one early Saturday morning to try and beat the rain that was coming.  Well.. we still had to face some annoying drizzle.  Make up was done by the one and only Lindsey Regan Thorne from http://www.lindseyreganthorne.com/.  We took some fun shots downtown and then changed it up a bit for a little bit of football.  We had some much fun.  Please.... let me tell you Chandra has the longest legs I have ever seen and man are they hot!  Jack even got to participate in all of the fun.  Congratulations on your engagement!  I wish you both all of the best of luck.  ENJOY!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My baby girl....

WOW!  I can't believe Avery is turning 5 tomorrow.  I remember the day she was born and how lucky we were.  She was the best and easiest baby ever.  I adore her and couldn't imagine my life with out her.   I explained to her that her big day was coming up and it was going to be "all about her".  We will start our day with pancakes, soccer game and lots of visits from grandparents.  We will then have a Princess Bowling Party in the afternoon with all of her girl friends.  I have prepared Princess Cookies that each of the girls will be able to take home, add the wet ingredients and bake with their parents.  I got the idea from http://www.bakerella.com/.  If you haven't found this site, please visit.  It is wonderful.  I plan to try the cake balls next.  My only home for Avery is that she has the best day ever!

Ava Grace

Meet Ava Grace... what an angel. Ava Grace's mother and I were in Book Club together and she decided to move to Raleigh.  I am lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Raleigh every couple of months and due to the wonderful summer light, we were able to catch these cute shots one evening.  Vicki is a wonderful mother and I am honored to know her.  Enjoy!

Look below at what is peeping at us through the door. 

I love these shots taken with mom. What love Vicki has for her daughter.  It just makes me smile.

Love this last HOT shot!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coffee Tea Photography

Alot of friends have been asking me how I edit my photos. I use Photoshop Elements and love it. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for Photoshop, and didn't have a clue how to use it. I am still learning how to use all of the great features of Elements.

I found this great blog called Coffee Tea Photography. I love the actions and they are so helpful in transforming my images. My favorite by far is Black and Cream. If gives images a wonderful soft look. I follow this blog daily and love downloading new actions and the best thing is .... the are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The DeLapp's

Ashley had asked me to capture some photographs of her with her sweet boys. I just adore them and had a blast. We started off on East Blvd. Ashley has a great eye for design and loves color, so we wanted to do something fun this wall. We then hit NoDa where there are lots of fun colored walls to play with. Let me tell you that Sutton has a mind of his own and is a wee bit stuborn at times. He was a great sport and I went through a good bit of bribes. Schafer on the other hand is as serious as they come. I could just eat him up. I can't wait to capture more shots of them as they get older. Next we will shoot some fun shots with Dad.
It was really hard to capture just a few, because there were so many that I loved. Enjoy

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I met Chad and Katie at an engagement party recently. What a great couple! They are just in love with their precious daughter, Aliana. We meet up at their home to capture some shot of her at 10 weeks old. They are the coolest parents and are not only in love with each other, but now have a ray of sunshine to brighten their days even more. I hope to continue photographing her and watching her grow. Enjoy!

What a little angel!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kristen + Hunter's Engagement Party

WOW! What a fun time I had shooting their engagement party. They are a super hot couple and their friends are just as hot. What a beautiful wedding party they have. They really know how to pose for the camera and we having as much fun as I was. This was a great shoot to help me prepare for the wedding I will be doing soon.